Cold symptoms – expert shares five ways to keep them at bay with kids back at school

In addition, children tend to touch everything in sight, and usually have close contact between parents and caregivers, so cold and flu germs spread easily.

Kristoffer Ahlerup, Commercial Director of Enzymatica, the manufacturers of ColdZyme, explained what’s expected when children return to school: “Ironically, the common cold doesn’t feel common anymore. With no or few legal requirements in place for mask-wearing and social distancing, it’s likely we will see viruses such as the common cold, RSV, norovirus and adenovirus pick back up as our resistance will be much lower due to the lack of exposure.”

Ahlerup continued: “Protection is better than treatment when it comes to the common cold

“While many people focus on products and methods that help make their symptoms feel better once they’ve caught a cold or virus, few focus their efforts on shortening the duration by acting at first symptoms.”

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