Violence on the Mallorca trains

The Guardia Civil have arrested several young Algerian nationals accused of assaulting four security guards and causing violent confrontations on the Inca train.

The incidents happened last Thursday night.
A group of young people (between 10 and 12 boys), who are very confrontational, apparently always take the last train to Sineu.

Those in charge of the train are aware of their conflictive nature, and for this reason four security guards travel with them.

On Thursday night they started dancing without their shirts on, smoking joints and drinking on the train.
Most of them were drunk and did not stop bothering the passengers.
In the end, they beat up the guards, leaving three of them injured and on medical leave.

In Santa Maria, the Guardia Civil was already waiting for them.
The officers forcefully subdued the boys and proceeded to arrest the ringleaders and perpetrators of the aggression.
This group is very violent and will be banned from the railway.

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