North European ‘energy nomads’ looking to Mallorca for winter stays

According to the president of the Abati association of agrotourism and inland tourism, Miquel Artigues, there has been a “continuous trickle” of interest from prospective clients in Germany and Scandinavia seeking long stays over the winter. They are requesting price information and wishing to reach agreements – Artigues explains that discounts of 30 to 40% per month are possible.

“It’s the first time that a situation such as this has happened in our sector. It is because energy costs are cheaper here and the climate is more benign than in Germany, Sweden or Norway.”

As well as prices, information requests include available services and heating systems in particular. The discounts are crucial, as “prices per day can range between 120 and 600 euros, depending on the type and category of the establishment”.

A positive aspect of all this, he adds, is that “business and work activity can be maintained for longer, while employment will be increased over the coming months”.

This is an example of so-called ‘energy nomad’ tourism, one which is being pursued in a coordinated manner elsewhere in Spain. A month ago, the president of the Costa del Sol tourism council, Francisco Salado, announced an “intensive promotional campaign”, part of which is designed to attract long-stay visitors over the winter from cold European countries, including the UK. The Costa del Sol, he said, “has the best climate in Europe”.

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