Minorca residents feared a disaster because of heavy rain

Marga and Toni Saurina, who live on the Camí de Punta Nati in Ciutadella, Minorca, feared there would be a disaster because of the heavy rain that hit the island over the weekend. “We were afraid, very afraid, because at times it looked like a deluge.”

As is often the case when there is torrential rain, the water carries mud and stones as far the port. On this occasion, crops for animal feed were lost.

Sections of dry-stone wall were brought down and twelve hens in a coop drowned. Another resident says that she got up around 5.30am, went downstairs “and the water was up to my knees“.

She complains that when they called the 112 emergencies and explained that they were in Es Pla de Ciutadella, the operator didn’t know where this was. “He asked me for another address, but we only have this one.”

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