How a small Mallorca town offered Amber Heard some peace and quiet

YOU have just been involved in one of the biggest trials of the year which has seen your private life splashed across the front pages and on TV news bulletins across the globe. Where do you seek refuge to lick your wounds? Well, in the case of Amber Heard, the village of Costix in Mallorca. What we know is that shortly after losing her trial to ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, rented a house in Costix. Why Costix?

No-one is too sure but for much of the summer she was able to live a “normal life” and take her daughter to the park without being followed by a small army of photographers. According to neighbours it all became a routine, either going to one of the water-parks on the island, the beach or just staying in Costix and heading the local park.

I am sure that many residents of this quiet Mallorcan town were completely unaware who was their new neighbour but that is part of the beauty of Mallorca, celebrities can literally disappear. Amber rented a home which allegedly belongs to the family of one Costix´s more famous residents, former Council of Mallorca President, Maria Antonia Munar. The house, valued at about three million euros, has been their base all summer. It is rumoured that she could take up permanent residence on the island.
One thing for sure for about six weeks she was able to find some peace and quiet which perhaps only Mallorca can offer.

Photos: Joan Llado.

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