Dutch tourists facing ten years in jail for fatal Playa de Palma fight

The Public Prosecution Service in Holland (OM) has demanded up to 10 years in prison against the suspects involved in two brawls in Mallorcan in July last year, one of which led to Carlo Heuvelman‘s death. Sanil B. heard the highest sentence demanded against him. The OM demanded eight years in prison against Mees T. and Hein B.

The Hilversum young people suspected of nightlife violence in Mallorca were “on the warpath” and looking for confrontation.

The public prosecutor said that today, at the start of the eighth day of hearings in the Mallorca case. According to her, there is nothing to indicate that the deceased Carlo Heuvelman and his friends committed violence.

Of the nine suspects in the case, Sanil B. (20), Mees T. (19), and Hein B. (19) are accused of assaulting Heuvelman, resulting in his death.

They’re facing charges of manslaughter. The other suspects are facing charges of public violence. Some are also accused of attempted manslaughter of one of Heuvelman’s friends.

Against five of them, the OM demanded prison sentences ranging from 180 days to 18 months and up to 180 hours of community service. The OM asked that the ninth suspect, 20-year-old Martijn T., be acquitted.

In the indictment, two public prosecutors gave their views on the brutal brawls in Mallorca on July 14 last year. According to the OM, this image has been confirmed by several witnesses.

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