Catalan “error” left out new water supply systems for Mallorca municipalities

Mayors of municipalities in Mallorca’s Pla (Plain) region were furious when they discovered that the text for the revised hydrological plan for the Balearics excluded the construction of new water tanks in Sineu and Santa Eugenia and the connections to the water network that criss-crosses Mallorca.

The mayors had been under the impression that the document contained their submissions for updated water supply infrastructure. This was a document to be sent to Madrid for approval by the Spanish government.

The regional government’s director-general for water resources, Joana Garau, says that her department couldn’t understand the problem, as the text, agreed with the mayors, had included these submissions.

It now turns out, however, that the document that the mayors were given – a document in Catalan – had not included these submissions. The version in Castellano, the one sent to Madrid, did include all that was agreed with the mayors.

Garau has given an assurance that her department’s “error” “will not generate any type of legal insecurity”.

Sineu, according to recent data from Spain’s health ministry, is one of five municipalities in Mallorca where tap water is deemed not suitable for human consumption.

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