British Ambassador issues warning of UK driving licence scams in Spain

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, today not only provided an update on the UK driving licence situation in Spain, British residents can still not drive on a UK licence, but also issued a warning about certain scams which are taking place.

“ We know there are lots of questions and concerns about the ongoing negotiations on driving licence exchange and we have been made aware of some attempts to scam UK licence holders, with fraudulent offers of attaining a Spanish licence in exchange for cash.

“Please be alert to these scams and report any suspicious, unsolicited offers to the local authorities,” the embassy stated.

The Ambassador said that following a meeting this week with a group of British residents pushing for a swift solution his is now more aware than ever of the “harrowing” problems the stalemate in negotiations is causing and the effect it is having of people’s physical and mental health.

Hr reiterated that the driving licence issue is very much top of his agenda and that he will again ask for interim measures should negotiations carry on longer than expected.

But he admitted that any such steps have to be agreed to and taken by the Spanish and so far they have denied such requests.

“We are making progress and I am determined to reach a swift and satisfactory solution.
“There are two outstanding matters which we need to agree on.

“With regards to long waiting lists in some areas for a Spanish driving test, unfortunately this is a Spanish matter which the UK government has no influence on,” he said.
“But we are fully committed to resolving the matter as quickly as possible,” he stressed.

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