“200 years in prison” won’t bring back murder victim

Family and friends of Mohamed Youb.

On July 21, Mohamed Youb, 28, was brutally assaulted in Calas de Mallorca. At around quarter to one in the morning, Mohamed and a friend encountered 21-year-old Cristian N. in a car park. Cristian N. greeted the friend but not Mohamed. He called Mohamed “a shit” for having spoken to his girlfriend. Mohamed had previously been the woman’s partner, but he insisted that they no longer spoke. Cristian N. then punched Mohamed in the temple, knocking him out. Police investigations report that he then kicked Mohamed in the head.

Mohamed was admitted to Son Espases Hospital. On Friday, he passed away. His brother Hafid says that they can sentence his brother’s murderer to 200 years in prison but that “no one will take away the pain of his death”. “What happened to Mohamed was savage. We can only ask for justice, but no one is going to bring him back to us.”

Hafid adds: “We are all deeply affected mentally. It has been very hard. So many months in hospital, between life and death, have been hell for the family.

“He woke up and opened his eyes, but he had damage to his brain. He never told us anything.” That included Mohamed’s four-year-old son. “Now we want justice to be done.”

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