The Knocks Unite With Parson James For ‘An Ode To The End Of Summer’ In New Dance Bop ‘River’

With summer firmly in their rearview, electronic music duo The Knocks channel a dash of ‘hopefulness for what’s ahead’ in their new song with Parson James.

For those in North America, the temperatures are starting to feel a little more like Autumn. While the southern parts of the United States are still dealing with forecasts in the 80s and 90s, The Knocks are ready to cool it down a bit with their new song. With the charming vocals from singer Parson James, the EDM duo share “River,” a soothing and refreshing dance track that will make you want to take a ‘swim’ on the dance floor. With a chorus that encourages you to “keep your head above water” and production that seems as uplifting as a pleasant raft ride down a winding stream, “River” is a splash of warmth and joy for the ears.

“We started this song back in quarantine lockdown, and the initial idea was sample-based,” the Knocks tell HollywoodLife. “Kind of this warm, aurally pleasing mellow track. After stepping away from it for a few months, we eventually revisited and became more inspired to shift gears and make it into something brighter and more energetic. We then sent the idea over to Parson, who added even more life into it with his incredible vocal and personal storytelling. ‘River’ is an ode to the end of the summer and the hopefulness for what’s ahead.”

(Joe Perri)

What lies ahead for The Knocks? Judging by their past output, one can expect a ton of great music. To say that The Knocks (Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “Mr. JPatt” Patterson) have kept busy during 2021 would be an understatement. The group has released “R U High” with singer Mallrat, “Bedroom Eyes” with Studio Killers, and “Sound The Alarm,” featuring River Cuomo of Weezer and singer-songwriter Royal & The Serpent.

(Joe Perri)

The duo also applied their remixing skills on songs by Leah Kate (“F-ck Up The Friendship”), The Maine (“Sticky”), and Thunder Jackson (“Colors”). The Knocks worked with Holiday87 on both the Daybreak EP, as well as Holiday87’s collab with Minke (“Sweet Nothings”). The group also teamed with Foster The People for the Melody & Silence EP and with Purple Disco Machine and Moss Kena for a collection of “Fireworks” remixes. This prolific streak doesn’t seem like it’ll end soon – which is excellent news. That means that The Knocks will bless 2022 with even more music, ensuring there is an ode not just for summer but for spring, fall, winter, and every season to come.

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