Sutton Stracke On Where She Stands With Erika Jayne After RHOBH Reunion and if She Was Invited to Her Event

Sutton Stracke and Erika Jayne didn’t end The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 in the best of places. In fact, when we last saw them, Erika was calling Sutton “a b-tchy f-cking c-nt.” But where do they stand today?

While hosting an event at her boutique on Wednesday, during which Erika was noticeably absent, Sutton offered an update on their relationship while also reacting to the recent robbery at Dorit Kemsley‘s home in Encino, California, during which an alleged $1 million worth of items was stolen.

“Well, I mean, we’re in the same room together, so I think that’s positive,” Sutton told Entertainment Tonight on November 10, confirming that while Erika was invited to the group event, she was a no-show.

“You know, look: Erika and I are on a little bit of a different spectrum and hopefully we’re gonna try to gently move to a central place, so that we can…. I don’t know!” she continued. “I mean, I’m always hopeful.”

Following the 11th season of RHOBH, which featured Sutton questioning Erika about the legal scandal plaguing her and Thomas Girardi, who she split from in November of last year, Sutton received no apology from Erika, who had threatened her amid production, although she did say she was sorry to Kathy Hilton‘s butler, Patrick, who witnessed the encounter.

When Sutton was then asked about the devastating ordeal Dorit went through when she was held at gunpoint and robbed at the end of October.

“Honestly, I saw the [surveillance] footage yesterday and it was terrifying,” Sutton shared. “And I don’t think any of us want to see anyone ever injured or hurt, especially around family, and just kind of want them to feel safe again.”

As for how Dorit has been coping with the trauma, Sutton said her castmate is understandably “distraught.”

“Being around her, you can see it in her eyes,” she explained. “She was very distraught and it’s… it was hard. It’s just a hard thing for all of us. … I said, ‘How can you still get through this?’ And she said, ‘I have to as a mother.’ And that’s when I totally understood, because as a mother you have to put on your strong face, and I got it. That’s what you do as a mother: You get up and act strong and go on with your daily life, and I’m… so impressed by her.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 went into production in October and will air sometime in 2022.

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