RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Targets Mental Health of Attorney Investigating Her Finances and Claims He’s “Unraveling” as He Responds to Criticism Over Fees

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Erika Jayne isn’t happy about the information Ronald Richards continues to share on Twitter.

Following a series of posts from the attorney, who was hired to investigate her finances amid the bankruptcy proceedings against Thomas Girardi and his law firm, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member took aim at Ronald’s mental health and accused him of “unraveling.”

“YOU need Lexapro,” Erika tweeted on September 6. “Talk about unraveling…”

RHOBH Erika Jayne Tells Attorney He Needs Lexapro, Claims He's Unraveling

Prior to the RHOBH cast member’s post, Ronald weighed in on a conversation between Twitter users, some of whom weren’t fans of his online comments about his case against Erika, and others who appreciated his updates.

After one particular man claimed Ronald would be paid $12 million of the $25 million lawsuits pending against Erika and accused him of hurting the many victims more than Erika, Ronald noted that he and his team won’t get anything if they don’t collect the money Erika and Thomas are accused of stealing from his former clients.

“We also don’t get anything if we don’t collect anything and the victims are going to get paid much more from the settlements then if Erika decides to return some of the 25 million but the only way to get her to do anything is through pressure. The firm already paid those expenses,” he explained.

The same person accused Ronald of spreading lies, mistruths, half-truths, and making suggestions about Erika’s mental health.

“You sound like you work for Erica‘s attorney fact is is that she put her mental health issue by publicly disclosing the drug she takes. We can comment on what she says she’s ingesting,” Ronald replied, giving a nod to the statements Erika made about her Lexapro prescription on RHOBH.

As Ronald faced a number of Twitter attacks, he was also supported by a woman who once worked with Thomas and pointed out that he was educating the masses on topics not yet revealed.

“He’s sharing updates that no one else does. Helping keep public pressure/creating awareness. There can be alot of valuable information he & others investigating can gather by listening to the crowd,” she shared.

“The only way Erika is going to have to deal with this prospectively from her future earnings is if she [activates] her moral compass and realizes that she’s not gonna get away with keeping $25 million in improperly diverted firm expenses,” Ronald stated. “Right now she is hiding her source of [income].”

Then, when the woman expressed appreciation for the recent breakdown of Erika and Thomas’ American Express spendings, Ronald claimed Erika didn’t turn in any records of her own prior to her separation from Thomas in November.

“Yes the AMEX share is not Erica‘s records yet she’s complaining about it like she gave them to us. We have never published any discovery she provided which is nothing pre separation,” he revealed.

In addition to the $25 million lawsuits against her, Erika is also facing other lawsuits accusing her of being in cahoots with Thomas as he allegedly scammed clients out of millions of dollars of settlement funds.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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