Pandora launches lab-grown diamonds – the scientifically identical, sustainable alternative to natural diamonds, starting from £250

When one of your favourite jewellery brands launches a new collection it’s an exciting day, but Pandora‘s new launch is so much more than exciting as it makes its first foray into the world of lab-grown diamonds.

You may not know it already, but Pandora has been making some major sustainability advancements over recent years. Officially the biggest jewellery brand in the world – creating around 100 million pieces every year – it announced last year that not only would it be carbon neutral by 2025 and use 100% recycled metals by the same period, but it also switched to 100% renewable energy in its crafting facilities.

Proving that a social conscience need not limit creativity, the brand today announced its next milestone: a lab-grown diamond line.

Something else you may not know just yet is how problematic the world of natural diamonds can be. Sure, there are some higher-end sections of the industry who try to ensure that their diamonds are mined and crafted with a social conscience, but there remains many ethical and sustainable questions surrounding the process at large.

The majority of natural diamonds are found in Africa, and the extraction process often displaces huge portions of land and wildlife while requiring the use of damaging diesel generators and, of course, extreme manual labour. Despite their enormous efforts, millions of African diamond miners earn less than a dollar a day.

While much-needed efforts and initiatives are no doubt underway to improve the world of of diamond mining, a sustainable, ethical alternative is fast-becoming a serious source of competition in the form of lab-grown diamonds.

Physically and aesthetically identical, the only difference between the two diamond types is how they are formed; a lab-grown diamond resulting from replicating the conditions in which traditional diamonds grow below the earth’s surface inside a lab.

The first major jewellery brand to step into this world of cultured diamonds, Pandora is hoping to further demonstrate its commitment to creating beautiful, conscious jewellery.

When brands tackle the big issues of sustainability and ethical processes it often comes with huge financial implications which then filter down to the customer. In an unusual – and very welcome – turn of events, lab-grown diamonds are in fact much more affordable than their natural counterparts.

“Our aim with the collection is really to democratise diamonds” said Pandora of the launch. “We pride ourselves as a brand on being inclusive and celebrating all women and so our aim is to offer all women high quality, real diamonds at a more affordable price.”

Starting at £250 – by no means ‘cheap’ but, of course, a mere fraction of the price of natural diamonds – each stone is an Excellent cut, ranging from 0.25 to 1 carat with I colour and VS2+ clarity across all carat weights, and are set in yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver across rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Launching on Thursday, May 6th, both online and in store – and only available in the UK throughout 2021 – the collection is fronted by model and industry icon Ashley Graham and renowned actress and activist Rosario Dawson, who were chosen as ambassadors “due to their personal resilience and strength”.

“Throughout my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve seen a movement for progress within the fashion industry”, said Ashley. “We all have the power to be forces for change in the world and to contribute to a brighter future, for ourselves and the next generation.”

“Creating a more sustainable future is so important to me and informs every decision and action I take,” explained Rosario, “so I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Pandora Brilliance launch.”

As Benjamin Barry would say, “Ladies, frost yourselves”.

Shop the Brilliance collection at pandora.com from Thursday.

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