Kylie Jenner just really wants to make Joots (jean boots) a trend

Say what you will about Kylie Jenner and her family, but they sure do know how to make me question my sanity when it comes to pants. Kim Kardashian has made her pro-poots (pant-boots) stance loud and clear, and now, her little sister is coming out as a proud supporter of the joots (jean boots) agenda. 

On Thursday 20 October, Jenner posted a photo of herself wearing a body hugging two-piece cream skirt set paired with denim knee-high boots. In her caption, the billionaire wrote “handling business,” which makes sense given her background — Jenner, just like her sister, is cosplaying Corporate America by snapping a photo in what appears to be a fluorescent-lit office. The muted wooden floor boards and mundane white walls are the ideal backdrop to make her outfit shine. Take your ‘fit pics in liminal spaces, people.

Jenner, who’s known for her cosmetics business, went all in on her glam, opting for a soft, natural makeup and vampy autumn nails. Perhaps she was stopping by the L.A. office to chat with her employees for an eventual “Jenner Joots” business. Honestly, its an apt and lofty title for Mrs. Kylie Jenner, who’s known for her grip on millennial culture (lest we forget her iconic King Kylie-era fashion back in the day.)

On the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Jenner opened up about her post-partum depression following the birth of her son, the baby f.k.a. Wolf Webster. 

“It’s been really hard for me… I cried nonstop all day for the first three weeks,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder told her older sister, Kendall Jenner. “It’s just the baby blues, and then it kind of goes away… I cried every day for like three weeks. To the point where I’d be laying in bed and my head would just hurt so bad.”

If you’re struggling postpartum, here are a few resources that may help.

Article originally appeared in GLAMOUR US. 

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