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Well, this is two big surprises in the Kiely Rodni case.

First, the autopsy report was released on Thursday, which felt out of nowhere for those following the case — as it was over two weeks earlier than the November 1 date we were told to expect when the results were initially delayed.

Maybe they gave the coroner more time than they ended up needing? Or maybe a rush was put on the case to keep everyone safe. Ever since the 16-year-old, who went missing for two weeks after a high school party in Truckee, California, was found dead, speculation has run rampant about what might have happened to her. Sadly that’s included death threats being sent to her ex-boyfriend — despite him having an alibi. Maybe the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office figured everyone was better off knowing the facts as soon as possible?

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The other surprise is in the actual findings. The cause of death is not all that surprising. It was ruled she died from drowning, which makes sense given the way she was found — submerged in her vehicle in the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

But that’s not the only thing authorities are saying is exactly as it seems. The official statement from the Sheriff’s Office says:

“The Coroner’s Division of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office has ruled the death of Kiely Mai Rodni as accidental. This ruling is based on the pathologist’s finding that her death was the result of drowning and that there was no other information to suggest she was the victim of foul play.”

That’s it? There’s nothing more to it? They concluded:

“As always, our office will continue to work with the family by evaluating any additional information related to this investigation. We ask that both the media and the public respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

In this case, the fact there’s no foul play suspected, nothing more than meets the eye, is pretty surprising after how she was found. Adventures With Purpose, the volunteer divers who finally found Kiely’s remains — when law enforcement failed — noted that her body was in the backseat of the vehicle. That could imply there was another person driving — meaning another person present who fled.

We don’t doubt the poor teen died from drowning, but were the AWP divers mistaken? Are authorities not troubled by that detail? Or do they believe she wound up in the backseat while trying to escape?

What do YOU think of these results??

[Image via FindKiely.com/Adventures With Purpose/YouTube.]

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