Jamie Foxx Calls Out Stephen A. Smith For Calling Ben Simmons Weak & Pathetic 

The playoffs are officially going down, and there are a lot of opinions going around as teams compete to walk away with the 2022 NBA Championship title. However, on Monday prior to the Brooklyn Nets’ loss against the Boston Celtics, Stephen A. Smith shared a few words about Ben Simmons, after it was announced that he would sit out during Game 4.

Many folks have been talking about the fact that Ben Simmons has managed not to play a single game during the NBA regular, nor during his team’s time in the playoffs. Back at the start of the season, while he was still a part of the Philadelphia 76ers, it was announced that Ben’s participation on the court would be delayed as he focused on his mental health.

Problems began to arise in relation to his time off of the court while under contract, and the money that was being withheld from him by the organization. Ben ended up filing a grievance to challenge the nearly $20 million of salary concealed from him by the 76ers this season.

Back in February, Ben was traded from the 76ers to the Brooklyn Nets along with Andre Drummond and Seth Curry.

Although present during the team’s practices, Ben never hit the court during an official game for the remainder of the season while with the Nets. As the team faced the Boston Celtics during the first round of the playoffs, many folks were hopeful that Ben would make his return to the court to help the team out.

There were even talks about him possibly playing in his first game this year during Game 4. However, on Sunday, the day before the game, he reported a return of back soreness. He had been rehabilitating a herniated disk in his lower back, which ruled him out for Game 4.

While on ESPN’s “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith commented on Ben’s lack of playing during the regular season and the playoffs and said,

“Ben Simmons might also be the weakest, most pathetic excuse for a professional athlete we have ever seen in, not just American history, but the history of sports. I can’t think of a professional athlete that has come across more pathetic than this man.”

Jamie Foxx stepped into The Shade Room‘s comment section, and spoke out in Ben’s defense and said, ”

That is completely unfair @bensimmons has a family this man has people that love him and this man just plays basketball but to be dragged through the mud like this is unfair…and why is it @stephenasmith you only go at basketball players. You completely mute when it comes to the Tom Bradys the Aaron Rodgers of the world… You get where I’m going… stop it bruh it’s out of bounds.”

In the end, the Nets were defeated by the Celtics in Brooklyn on Monday night, for the fourth straight game, sweeping the Nets and eliminating them from the playoffs.


Check out Stephen A’s full commentary below:



At the moment, Ben Simmons has not responded to Stephen’s comments.




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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley

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