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Is this on-again, off-again relationship back off?

Shanna Moakler’s relationship with Matthew Rondeau has been complicated, to say the least. While she has heaped praise on her man, her kids have publicly disavowed the romance, with daughter Alabama Barker claiming he’s been “nothing but awful” to her mom and that he “cheats on her.” The model definitely has her own issues to work out with her teens, but it’s safe to say the boyfriend wasn’t helping matters.

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With that in mind, this may be good news: some fans are speculating that the relationship may be over (again). Rondeau has apparently scrubbed the 46-year-old from his Instagram page (all that appears to be left are solo shots and thirst traps). His last post, from Monday, showed comment responses telling Shanna he loves her, but the original comments are nowhere to be seen. They are also not following each other.

(c) Matthew Rondeau/Instagram

For her part, pictures of Matthew remain on Travis Barker’s ex’s page, including a ‘gram from Sunday calling him her “other half.” However, she also reposted some cryptic quotes on her Instagram, such as “I be going thru s**t. Still smiling” and “This s**t isn’t forever.” (In fairness, those quotes could just as easily be about her family struggles, rather than a breakup.)

shanna moakler : possible breakup instagram story
(c) Shanna Moakler/Instagram
shanna moakler : possible breakup instagram story
(c) Shanna Moakler/Instagram

Neither party has commented on a split, so it remains to be seen whether it’s true — and if it is true, whether it will actually stick. If Shanna has broken up with Matthew, though, it might be the first step towards reconciliation with Alabama and Landon.

Back in May, the former reality star even admitted to Life & Style that her two children with Travis “have a lot of animosity” toward Matthew, saying he was “getting such a bad rap when he hasn’t done anything” except be “supportive and fun.” She claimed:

“They’d been really not nice to him, as well, and he hasn’t done anything except be really supportive to me.”

Speaking specifically of her 15-year-old daughter’s accusations, she shared:

“I think it’s heartbreaking when your kids go public and make accusations that aren’t true. Not just about me as a parent but also about my relationship. [Alabama] has a much bigger fan base than I do.”

Shanna went on:

“What mother wants to have their child upset with them? What mother wants to hear their children say such horrible things? It’s just sad, but I understand they’re teenagers … They’re being influenced by numerous people, who are very calculating, very manipulative, and there’s nothing I can do except just be there for them [and] love them.”

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Of course, she couldn’t help but turn it back on her ex’s new lady, snarking:

“I don’t really understand why Kourtney [Kardashian] is queen.”

Well, complaining to the media about how your kids are swayed by “getting Prada” from Kourt may not be the best way to win back their trust. But again, breaking up with Matthew could be a move in the right direction — if indeed that is what’s going on. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for confirmation of a split.

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