Brownie batter brunette is this autumn’s yummiest hair trend

If you’re looking to change up your brunette hair colour — or simply want to swap your hair care routine for something more low-maintenance — brownie batter brunette might be your match made in hair colour heaven. Combining the best of deep chocolate tones with face-framing highlights and delicate dimensions, the brownie batter look is rich, universally flattering, and easy to maintain. It’s no wonder it’s already trending on TikTok.

“Brownie batter brunette hair is a rich chocolate tone, about a level four to five at the root,” Ashleigh Marie Rancilio, hair colorist at Meché Salon, tells Glamour, while the mid-lengths to end remain a warm and neutral tone. But what really sets the look apart is its show-stopping dimension, as well as how low-maintenance it is despite looking so luxe. “’This hair color trend has soft blonde money piece and a few highlights around the face,” adds Jennifer Korab, hairstylist, and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa. “‘It can also have some softer blonde pieces throughout the hair, but while still maintaining mostly the rich brunette look.” 

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Translation? Brownie brunette hair is one of the simplest, and chicest, ways to transition your hair from summer-mode, and prep it for autumn and winter without excess damage. That’s why so many beauty buffs—and TikTok users—are obsessed with the look.

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If you’ve been influenced (I know I have), here’s how to get brownie batter brunette yourself: “Ask for a rich brunette hair colour at the salon, like a chocolate or caramel, accompanied with a soft balayage and subtle money piece,” Korab says, noting that you should follow-up with an all-around glaze. If you prefer a more highlighted finish, however, Rancilio recommends emphasizing that you want a “dimensional” brunette with face-framing highlights.

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