Tory looks forward to report on putting those on the street in homes

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Mayor John Tory says he is looking forward to seeing a report on the cost of moving every homeless person in Toronto into housing.

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Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam recently convinced city council to address Toronto’s severe housing crisis and a way to get people out of shelters into homes with a year of rental subsidies.

A call to approve a report to figure out the price tag for such a move received unanimous support at a recent city council meeting.

“Throughout my time as mayor, I have been open to new and innovative ideas when it comes to tackling various city issues,” Tory told the Toronto Sun.

“We already provide rent supplements to many people to assist them in affording permanent housing, which is always preferable to a shelter or an encampment. I would welcome the analysis of this idea by our professional public servants,” Tory said.

Wong-Tam, who represents Ward 13, has called on senior levels of government to cover the cost of finding homes for those on the street.

“We cannot do this alone. A big part of my job also includes advocacy to the other levels of government for funding towards increasing the supply of affordable housing,” said Tory, who added he expects a costing report in January.

“In many cases, it isn’t just a matter of a 100% total rent subsidy by any government but also the costs associated with all the other supports which have to be delivered close to home,” Tory said.

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