SIU determines Windsor police not responsible for suspect’s broken foot

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The province’s Special Investigations Unit has ruled that a man who broke his foot while fleeing from Windsor police has no one but himself to blame for his injury.

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The SIU, an independent government agency that investigates death, serious injury or sexual assault involving police, said director Joseph Martino has terminated the investigation into the incident.

“Director Martino concluded that it was plain and obvious that the man’s injury was not attributable to any criminal conduct on the part of the police; he, and he alone, was responsible for his broken foot,” the SIU said in a media release. “Accordingly, the file has been closed.”

The arrest happened March 14. The 39-year-old man was near the Windsor Public Library on Seminole Street when he spotted some police officers. The man knew police were looking for him, so he took off on a bicycle, the SIU said.

He turned south off of Seminole onto Francois Road and then rode onto a property where he ditched the bicycle and continued on foot.

The man scaled a wooden fence on the property, climbed onto the roof of an adjacent shed and jumped down.

Police found and arrested him minutes later. The suspect was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured left foot.

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