Researcher says cannabis products often mislabelled

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Different strains of cannabis should have different types of labelling, one would hope.

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That’s not the case, according to Sean Myles, a researcher from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia who came to that conclusion after studying the DNA of different cannabis plants down to their smallest molecules.

“There’s not much difference,” Myles told Global News .

Myles is concerned about how different strains are marketed to Canadian consumers — especially to those who depend on different varieties for medicinal uses.

For instance, Myles noted dominant strains on the market such as Sativa and Indica each produce a different psychoactive effect.

Myles told Global News something frequently labelled as Sativa is “still more chemically related to something that’s labelled as Indica than it is that’s anything labelled Sativa.”

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“Which is a poor predictor of anything and not very useful,” he said, adding it’s a big deal for those who seek the medicinal content of a specific plant.

“And we’ve demonstrated that it’s not a good predictor of those elements, so that’s particularly dangerous.”

It’s been three years since the Federal government legalized the sale of cannabis, yet products are still mislabelled.

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George Smitherman, president of the Cannabis Council of Canada, told Global News that’s the trickling effect from illegal cannabis products.

“Licence holders were able to bring, on a one-time basis, plants over from the illicit world where perhaps the naming and such was more of a trend and less of a scientific matter,” said Smitherman.

The Cannabis Council of Canada has stated that cannabis products are rigorously tested before hitting the market, however, inaccurate labelling of strains is still a problem.

According to Health Canada, more information will be provided to the cannabis industry to make sure packaging and labelling give consumers the information they seek.

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