Reader letter: Reasons for getting vaccinated pretty obvious

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I try to always respect the choices people make in their lives.

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But this reluctance of many to be vaccinated for COVID-19 is bewildering.

The pandemic is dragging on I believe because of the minority who have chosen not to be vaccinated or by those who do not follow the protocols for reducing transmission.

I have two sons in the service industry who have been severely affected by the necessary lockdown or reduction of services. Children’s education and mental health has been affected, domestic abuse has worsened, people in general are feeling much more anxiety, while so many have been sick.

And the loss of life is tragic. Elderly have died all alone due to the virus except for the care of health staff.

We have also expected so much of the health care system during the pandemic and they have delivered above and beyond. But even they are human and at what cost to their mental health?

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How can a rational choice be made by people to not vaccinate with all the above factors?

There is no conspiracy. COVID-19 is a reality and it must be treated like any other disease.

Please, people weigh the issues and get vaccinated now. I fear the virus won’t go away until everyone does so.

Cathy Redmile, Windsor

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