Reader letter: Forget beacon project, city needs to step up efforts to aid homeless

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Re: Homeless trod from shelter to shelter in middle of pandemic, by Anne Jarvis, March 13

I wished the last paragraph was the first. To me, homeless in this city is a human crisis problem that is getting worse.

How can ‘they’ progressively problem solve this complex dilemma that just keeps getting worse?

Is the director of the “biggest shelter in the city” on the collaborative team mentioned that was identified as the city, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Family Services and others?

Leading the column with more of Mayor Drew Dilkens prior talking points made it difficult for me to read to the end, but I did. Yes, there is a gap, a gaping hole and the blame game is getting tired.

Good questions were raised in the column and kudos for mentioning the city leadership’s budget talks missed an opportunity to further help the homeless — but should that not be front and centre?

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Flexibility to adjust priorities?

Here we have the proposed Beacon project on the city’s riverfront on west end still going forward because it has already been budgeted. Money was set aside for that and as I have found out by contacting every councillor and the mayor, positions on that decision are firm despite numerous objections in Letters to the Editor and elsewhere.

And no, I will not find the streetcar project a desirable addition to our waterfront.

Very strange to me how there is flexibility on some issues, yet steadfast justification on others.

A very sad state of affairs.

Suzanne De Froy, Windsor

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