EX-NFL star apologizes for bringing stripper to Detroit high school

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Former New England Patriots running back Quentin Hines agrees he was out of bounds for bringing a scantily clad stripper to an event at a Detroit high school.

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Hines is the CEO of a minor league football league, Rivals Professional Football League, and was recruiting at Mount Clemons High School.

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But Hines added a sweetener for wannabe grid stars: A stripper whose clothes were barely there dancing provocatively for the boys, Fox News 2 reports. The incident took place during the league’s Peezy’s Sweetie’s Day Bash.

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After a brouhaha erupted in Motown, Hines took to Facebook to insist that, no, his companion wasn’t a stripper. She was merely “underdressed” when she strutted her stuff in front of a shirtless man.

Hines said: “I don’t think she was a stripper. She was one of her dancers that was underdressed, and it’s unfortunate. I did not know that someone would come that underdressed to dance with him.”

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The incident in question. SCREENGRAB/ FACEBOOK

The dancer’s musical accompaniment was a song with lyrics like “twerk that p—y baby.”

But apparently, there were no students present at the event that was not connected to the local school board who banned Hines and his group from using facilities in the future.

“There have been no prior issues of inappropriateness when this organization rented from our district in the past. There was no reason to believe the activities that took place at the event on October 15, 2022, would take place in our gym,” the head of the school board told reporters.

Hines later apologized for the event. Kinda.

He said: “We are very sorry, but we are still going to be a platform for up-and-coming artists.”

An investigation by the school board continues to try and unravel how the event occurred.

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