Cannibal couple ate women’s flesh to ‘preserve their youth’: Cops

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A cannibal couple allegedly murdered two women before devouring their flesh in a bizarre quest for their own fountain of youth.

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Cops say that Bhagaval and Laila Singh allegedly butchered their two victims and then cooked them as part of the twisted ritual they believed would “preserve their youth.”

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The couple — who live in Kerala, India — and the alleged mastermind, Rasheed alias Muhammand Shafi, have all been arrested. The two women they “sacrificed” were in their 50s.

The gruesome twosome reportedly believed in “superstition and black magic” and felt that by murdering and eating the women their woeful finances would improve. Shafi allegedly trolled couples on social media who were facing financial troubles.

The first woman vanished in June, while the final victim disappeared in September. Their body parts were discovered in the couple’s home earlier this week.

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According to cops, Shafi had told the pair that eating the cooked remains would “help them preserve their youth”, news18 reported. He allegedly convinced them to commit both murders.

Kochi City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju told reporters: “We have recovered all parts of the bodies of the two women who were killed. Parts of the body of one of the victim women were recovered from three pits where they were buried.

“Primary accused Shafi used Facebook to find people with financial difficulties. He found Bhagaval Singh and Laila as a couple interested in human sacrifice.”

At the time of the arrests, Shafi was on bail for allegedly raping a 75-year-old woman during the same time as the murders.

The trio remain caged until their next court appearance on Oct. 26.

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