Woman slashes £932 shopping bill to just £27.50: ‘Free always tastes better!’

“People read from left to right so when your eye moves this way it encourages you to buy the store products rather than buying the name brand products but they don’t have coupons on store products. 

“Free always tastes better.”

The boxes of pasta she chose, which did have applicable coupons, retailed at $1.69 (£1.38) but were on sale, offering five for $5(£4.07). 

This essentially brought down the cost of each box to $1 (£0.81), and April had a $0.50 (£0.41) coupon which would be doubled, making every one of the 100 boxes she got absolutely free. 

Similarly, she added some snack mix to her shopping cart, usually $3 (£2.44) a pack but on sale five for $5 (£4.07) and adding her coupons would make each pack $0.50 (£0.41). 

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