PIP alert: Rejected claimants for benefit payment can reapply after DWP rule changes

On top of this, there was a change in March 2017 to the way the department considers if a claimant can complete a PIP activity safely and if they need supervision, by considering both the likelihood of the harm occurring and the severity and nature of the harm that might occur.

Furthermore, in the last five years the DWP has changed how they consider the extra help someone needs to follow a special diet.

All these changes, and more, can affect how the department makes decisions for claims for people who currently get PIP, people who applied for PIP in the past but do not currently get it, and people moving from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP.

How to reapply

On the Government website, the DWP confirmed it would be looking into how these changes are impacting claimants of PIP and other benefits.

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