Furlough end! Four key changes that could happen after deadline this week

Short time working

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for all businesses to bring back furloughed staff back to their normal working hours.

If there isn’t sufficient work available when the scheme comes to an end, but the employer anticipates that business will improve, they may look at lay-off and short-time working (LOST).

Both are temporary measures which see either the reduction of employee working hours with short-time works, or lay-off where they are given no work at all.

Ms McAteer explains: “Whilst this option avoids having to make employees redundant, and saves the employer paying anything towards lost hours of work, it does leave staff members without pay, or reduced pay.

“In some cases, employees who have served at least two years of service can serve notice of intention to claim redundancy payment, which can cost the employer more than the lost hours.”

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