Moving to LA for Your Music Career? Here’s What You Need to Know

Where you live as an artist has a huge influence on your music career. While there are lots of cities artists can move to in the United States, Los Angeles remains a favorite because of the numerous benefits it affords musicians and other creatives. Therefore, moving to LA is one of the best moves you could make for your career. But what should you know before you make that decision? Let’s find out.

Los Angeles Does Not Have a Center

In most cities around the world, you can step off a plane, get into a cab and ask the driver to take you to the city center. This does not apply to Los Angeles because the city does not have a center. The reason is because the city is too spread out for it to have one. Because of how spread out the city is, it is easy for you to walk around and find something amazing. There are bars, restaurants, museums, and performance spaces downtown. However, all the blocks are different, and you can turn a corner and find the following block to not be as interesting as the last one.

LA Is Divided into Different Areas

One thing that confused many people about LA is that it is not one homogenous zone, as it includes several suburbs within it. The city is often split between the valet and the basin. The valley is the area to the north that is warmer and more of a suburb. The basin is the flat area next to the ocean and that lies to the south of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The basin is further divided into many fancy and beachfront suburbs that lie to the west. If you are looking for the music and hip neighborhoods in LA, you are likely looking for central LA. Areas like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood are typically considered separate smaller cities within the larger LA city. Areas like Pasadena and Malibu might not look like it, but they are also considered part of LA.

There are Numerous Performance and Recording Spaces

Every successful artist knows that the best city to live in makes it easy to record music and perform. Performing remains one of the best ways for an artist to get known. Los Angeles has numerous performance venues available. Many of them have a lot of history, and new venues are coming up all the time.

New artists can perform at the Harvard, Silverlake Lounge, and others. Each venue is unique, offering artists and fans something different, which makes it easier to find a venue to perform the type of music you record.

Because of how many artists call LA home, there are numerous recording studios in the city, too. As with performance venues, there are classic recording spaces that have given us some of the biggest hits of the last 100 years, and there are newer venues embracing the latest technology.

Because of the numerous studios and artists in LA, it is very easy to find an LA recording studio near you. Pirate, for example, has a 24/7 accessible LA recording studio near you with everything a modern artist would need to create hits. Their Silver Lake facility also has space for DJs to practice, dancers to rehearse, and creators to host podcasts. Pirate also allows you to pay by the hour or to book a time block for writing, dancing, recording, DJing, podcasting, and more.

Hollywood Is Not All the Same

Since you are thinking of moving to LA, you need to think about where you will live. You might picture living in Hollywood, but you need to pay close attention to which part of Hollywood is mentioned in the real estate brochure. West Hollywood is the area most people are familiar with. It is technically not considered part of Los Angeles and fits the typical glamorized image of Hollywood most people know. East Hollywood is associated with the Hollyhock House and the Bairnsdale Art Park. The 101 highway splits it into two and is considered not to be a great place to live.

North Hollywood is separated by the rest of Hollywood by a mountain range and lies north of Universal Studios. This is an excellent place for a musician to live because of all the performance spaces that have sprung up recently.

Los Angeles Has a Great Music Scene

If you are a musician who feels comfortable among other creatives, you will love Los Angeles. The city is full of musicians, DJs, vocalists, and other artists. These people are often open to working with new talent, and you will usually get an invitation for someone to listen to your music. Additionally, the large music scene and willing creatives make it easy to make connections in Los Angeles. Moving to such a big city means you live in proximity to other creatives ready to help you out.

LA Residents Value Their Health

It seems like there is a yoga studio around every corner in Los Angeles. All healthy trends can be found in Los Angeles, from the latest yoga iteration to the latest healthy juice cleanse. For those who do not like constant change, LA’s obsession with the latest health trend might annoy you. These trends change fast, and the residents move on to the newest trend. Because of this obsession, there are a lot of jokes about LA residents.

LA is Very Forgiving

One fear that many musicians have is making one mistake and ruining their careers. LA is such an amazing city for musicians because you can make mistakes, and other musicians will help you get back on your feet.

For artists moving to Los Angeles, there is a lot to understand about the city and its residents. However, once you look past all this, you will find that LA is one of the best places for musicians to live and even thrive.

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