Suzuki gives new S-Cross small SUV bolder styling, revised interior

Suzuki CEO Toshihiro Suzuki said Thursday in the S-Cross’s online launch that a “strong” hybrid would be available in 2022. 

The automaker described the system in a news release as allowing electric-only operation during startup, low speeds, cruising and reversing. The motor-generator unit will be placed aft of the transmission, compared with Suzuki’s current mild hybrid placement on the engine block.

Suzuki did not say if it was a high-voltage full-hybrid or extended range mild hybrid. The new system will be available first in the Vitara small SUV then in the S-Cross.

The brand has an emissions pooling agreement in Europe with Toyota, and offers its own badged versions of the full-hybrid Toyota Corolla station wagon (Swace) and plug-in hybrid RAV4 SUV (Across), but it does not yet have any full-electric or high-voltage hybrids of its own. Japan’s largest automaker owns 4.98 percent of Suzuki, while Suzuki has a 0.2 percent stake in Toyota.

The CEO said Suzuki plans to offer a full-electric vehicle by 2025.

At 4300 mm long, the new S-Cross is the same size as the current model. But Suzuki has revamped the styling to give it a more aggressive look. 

The headlights, taillights, hood and bumpers have been raised, the grille has been blacked out, and wheel-arch trims are squared off rather than rounded.

Inside, the dashboard has a more 3D feel, with a 9-inch “floating” touchscreen replacing the integrated screen of the current S-Cross.

The S-Cross stands out from other segment competitors by offering optional four-wheel drive, with four modes: auto, sport, snow and lock.

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