Pininfarina Teorema concept focuses on shared mobility experience

As the expression of Pininfarina’s vision for a shared, hyper-connected mobility of the future, the Teorema was designed from the inside out. Designers started with an electric “skateboard” chassis, developed by German supplier Benteler, that allows the car to have a large, uninterrupted interior space.  

They then created the interior experience before turning to the exterior, Pininfarina said. 

At 5,400 mm long and 1,400 mm tall, the Teorema is similar in size to a BMW 5 Series station wagon. It was conceived to allow passengers to share experiences along the journey but also to provide moments of privacy if desired.  

The passengers are positioned in a pentagon, with a single seat ahead of two rows of two seats that creates a narrow cabin at the front that widens further back. A central modular area, similar to a home environment, enables passengers to participate in various activities, for example, retiring to a private space to work or sleep.  

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