Maserati gives us our best look yet at its Grecale small crossover

Maserati’s second SUV, the Grecale, is nearly ready to make its debut. The company took advantage of a visit by Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares to release some of the most revealing photos of the model we’ve seen to date.

While the Porsche Macan-fighting soft-roader remains fully draped in camouflage, we see enough of its front end to tell there’s a wide, low-mounted grille with vertical slats and almond-shaped headlights located higher on the fascia. We’ll hold our judgment until the Grecale is unveiled, but we’re starting to see what Klaus Busse, the head of Maserati’s design department, meant when he told Autoblog the MC20 would have big influence on future models.

Viewed from the side, even with Tavares standing in the frame, it’s clear that the Grecale’s proportions were drawn with more of an emphasis on sport than on utility. Its front end is relatively long, its dash-to-axle ratio hints at the rear-wheel-drive platform underneath, and its roofline has more slope than the average kid-and-dog-hauling Ikea warrior. Earlier spy shots taken near Maserati’s headquarters suggest the rear end wears horizontal LED lights.

Unverified rumors claim the Grecale rides on an evolution of the Giorgio platform that Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio (one of the better-handling crossovers on the market) and Giulia models are built on. Some reports warned the architecture would be phased out, but Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato suggested they’re not accurate. If the Grecale is indeed Giorgio-based, it will likely come standard with rear-wheel-drive, and it will be offered with all-wheel-drive at an extra cost. Engine options remain unconfirmed; four- and six-cylinders can easily fit in Giorgio-based cars.

Maserati will finish fine-tuning the Grecale in the summer of 2021, and it will present the model before the end of the year. When it lands, the Grecale will slot beneath the Levante as a taller alternative to the Ghibli.

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