BMW, AirConsole partner for gaming on the go

BMW Group and AirConsole, a gaming platform, said they formed a partnership to bring gaming inside BMW vehicles.

The partnership, announced earlier this week, aims to make games playable directly through the legacy automaker’s infotainment displays, with smartphones acting as controllers. Games will be delivered over-the-air, BMW said a statement.

AirConsole is available on Internet browsers, Google TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, according to the company’s website. The platform has more than 180 casual games from platforms like Steam, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Large-scale AAA titles, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin’s Creed, aren’t included in AirConsole’s library.

The release did not identify which games will be available in BMW models, and did not say whether the games will be playable while the vehicle is moving.

AirConsole will be available in vehicles with the BMW Curved Display – it is unknown whether new displays like the BMW Theater Screen will also include the feature.

“With AirConsole we will leverage innovative technologies combined with a broad variety of fun and multiplayer games. This will make every waiting situation inside the vehicle, such as charging, an enjoyable moment,” said Stephan Durach, BMW senior vice president, said in the statement.

BMW is the second automaker to offer video games through its infotainment systems after Tesla introduced Passenger Play in 2017. Tesla’s feature has been involved in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probe since December 2021.

No release timing or details were given by BMW in Tuesday’s release. A spokesperson could not be reached for further comment.

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