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Alfa Romeo has taken a significant step to help enthusiasts conserve the cars it has built over the past 112 years. The company launched a program called Alfa Romeo Classiche that provides owners with anything from a certificate of authenticity to a full in-house restoration.

One of the program’s most basic services is issuing a certificate of origin. This isn’t new; Alfa has offered this resource since 2016. Armed with a chassis number, owners can request a document that details a car’s date of production and its original configuration inside and out. You’d be surprised at what you can discover: Years ago, I learned that the red 1966 GTV I owned at the time was originally painted gray.

The second certificate Alfa Romeo can issue collectors attests to a car’s authenticity. Historians working in the company’s Heritage department examine a car and inspect a long list of points before deeming it authentic. Cars can be examined at the Officine Classiche in Mirafiori, near Turin in Italy, at the Stellantis & You facilities in Rome and in Palermo, or directly at the owner’s house regardless of the country they live in.

Finally, the Alfa Romeo Classiche program includes a maintenance and restoration service performed by the same folks who work on the cars in the brand’s museum. From changing the rocker panels on a 1959 Giulietta to changing the spark plugs on a 1991 model 164, the in-house team can take on just about any task. Pricing hasn’t been announced; it varies depending on the car and the scope of the work required.

Alfa Romeo takes its heritage and the Classiche program seriously: Company CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato chairs the certification committee, and the people in charge of certifying a car have access to the vast archives housed in the Alfa Romeo Museum.

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